The Great Diaper Debate

Here are the facts: If you have a baby, you are going to use ALOT of diapers for the first 2-3
years on average. But the question that perplexes any environmentally conscious parent is, how
do we lessen our contribution to environmentally unfriendly behavior while performing this unavoidable
task? Currently, the most popular solutions are eco-friendly “green” diapers and reusable cloths
diapers.Let’s take a look at both in order to help you decide which choice is best for you.

What makes a Diaper “Green”?

The primary factors used to determine the eco-friendliness of a diaper are the chemicals not
used and in some cases the diapers partial biodegradability. The list of chemicals are as


Any diaper that is not considered eco or green will have concentrated amounts of these chemicals to varying degrees.

Advantages to Cloth Diapers

The most basic advantage to cloth diapers is that they are reusable and don’t generate excessive amounts of waste. The other advantage to cloth diapers in some cases is the overall cost. It is estimated that parents spend between $2,000-$3,000 within the first 2 years on disposable diapers.This cost can be cut in half by using cloth diapers.

The Big But…

As with everything, there is a but in regards to cloth diapers. Since cloth diapers must be washed after use, the use and cost of water and energy must be taken into account when using cloth diapers.


There is no perfect answer to the great diaper debate but say that both options are valid efforts in caring for your child while trying to be environmentally conscious about the choices you make. Both choices have their pros and cons and ultimately it will depend on your budget and lifestyle when deciding which one makes the most sense for you.