Cronig’s Markets

Down-Island Cronig’s

Cronig’s Market carries approximately 35,000 items coming from more than 200 vendors extending the variety that is such an important part of who we are. With our customer as our focus, the variety you see, simply, comes from our customer. None of the store is sold to product manufacturers, like that which occurs in big chain stores. So, all of our shelves are used to display a true customer-centric model of food choice.

Up-Island Cronig’s

Small and intimate this mini- Cronig’s is a veritable saving grace for islanders that don’t want to make the big trek down-island. The store is approximately one third the size, therefore about one third the variety.

Both stores offer a full variety of meats, deli, and produce with salad bar, sandwiches, soups, platters and special orders. ATM’s available at both stores. On VTA bus route.