MV Sea Salt Brittle

MV Sea Salt Brittle This is a fun and relatively easy recipe to make but working with hot sugar requires that we warn you to be careful and move methodically. No kids, dogs, kitties or libated friends or other trip hazards should be around to interfere.

Summer Squash Noodles

Island Grown Harvest of the Month is a program that highlights a locally available crop each month of the school year in school cafeterias, restaurants, and grocery stores. learn more at www.islandgrownschools.org/harvest-of-the-month  

It Takes an Island

A great example of a “Bright Idea” is the way Island Housing Trust is rethinking solutions to the housing crisis on Martha’s Vineyard. When it comes to affordable housing, sustainability and housing for our island’s workforce, they are one of our leaders. Watch the video below to learn more about their work and see what …

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A Bright Idea: Paperless Receipts. Envisioning The Future Of The Grocery Store

Here at Cronigs Markets, we are envisioning a No-Impact grocery store of the future. There are many aspects of this futuristic grocery store and one of the key ideas would be to reduce or completely eliminate the use of unnecessary paper. In these advancing technological times, there is no area as wasteful in retail than …

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New Program To Combat Hunger!

In a time where much in the world can be a cause for doubt and concern, it is nice to know that there are people in our community willing to help where they can. Please read the following article and share it with your friends! http://www.mvtimes.com/2017/03/20/new-program-will-feed-hungry-kids-summer/

The Great Diaper Debate

Here are the facts: If you have a baby, you are going to use ALOT of diapers for the first 2-3 years on average. But the question that perplexes any environmentally conscious parent is, how do we lessen our contribution to environmentally unfriendly behavior while performing this unavoidable task? Currently, the most popular solutions are …

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