Cronig’s understands what a difference our individual choices make toward a brighter and more environmentally conscious future.  Our green business practices are outlined in some detail on our Eco-Initiatives page. Some examples are obvious, while others are a bit more behind the scenes.

This year we added another solar array with auto/charging stations at Up-Island Cronig’s. We have stopped selling cigarettes and more recently balloons, due to their negative environmental impact. But there is so much more to be done and each of us can make a difference!  Remembering that WE are part of our environment is crucial to making eco-minded decisions.

Our island community is full of wonderful, creative and motivated individuals with eco-initiatives of their own. Cronig’s will be promoting these BRIGHT IDEAS across social media and print platforms. We want to hear from you! What small things do you do everyday that help reduce your carbon footprint? Do you have a unique skill that you use to draw attention to environmental issues? SHARE WITH US HERE!

Our island businesses and non-profits are also working toward supporting the needs of our island community. See videos from Island Housing Trust and Filmmaker Thomas Bena, below.